Donna Crombie


It’s been too long,

This path I’ve had to follow

And how I cried when you died,

Much too soon… My child.


How was I expected to be

On this motherly journey –

Without your tiny hand,

Tucked safely in mine?

It made me shudder…


And yet, I believe that your soul

It lives, it breathes, it shines in me.

And I embrace this role as your mother.


Although I stumble

I feel His grace and I am humbled

Because you couldn’t stay,

My child.


It’s been too long,

This path I’ve had to follow.

Six years today, I gave you away

To Heaven

It was much too soon.


This path I’ve had to follow,

Might not have been my plan,

Yet I trust that your little hand

Will forever be here in mine –


So shine my child, shine…


Happy 6th Birthday Keaton


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