Say Their Names

Remember babies together with their parents by speaking their names and keeping their memory alive.

Watch "Born in Silence"

Acknowledge Their Existence

As a community we want to acknowledge the significance of the babies who died too early. They matter to their parents and they made a difference in this world.

Watch "Still Project"

Light a Candle

Simple gestures like lighting a candle for a baby can show parents that you care and want to support them.

Watch "Saying Goodbye"

Help Break the Silence!

Each year thousands of families across Canada mourn the death of their babies. In 2017 1,699 infants died within the first year after birth and 3,159 babies were stillborn. Parents get isolated in their grief and the stigma around the death of children prevents society from speaking about the devastating effects on parents and their families.

If you are interested in organizing an event in support of October 15 in Canada, please get in touch with us.