Canadian Cooling Cot Campaign

The death of a child is a devastating tragedy that more than 2,800 families in Canada experience every year. The goals of this campaign are to:
  • Create awareness about the availability and benefits of cooling cots.
  • Help individuals and families in Canada organize fundraisers for their local hospitals to purchase such cots.
  • Provide communication and outreach support for anyone organizing fundraisers for this purpose.
Please note: the campaign organizers do not claim credit for any individual fundraisers. The fundraising work is organized by individuals, families or support organizations who deserve acknowledgement for their work.
There was so little time to create memories with our child after he had died as a newborn baby. Every minute counted to soak in his looks, explore his tiny hands and feet, feel his skin, cuddle, be together, take pictures and create memories. We had to squeeze a lifetime of experience into a few hours. If a cooling cot can help a family spend more time together, we have made a difference.

What are Cooling Cots?

A Cooling Cot, such as the CuddleCot™, Mira Cradle, or the CaringCradle, cools the baby in situ allowing the baby to remain with the family in the hospital room thereby providing the family time they want. The cooling pad is placed in any moses basket, crib, pram or bed; it is connected by a specially insulated hose and is quietly cooled using the cooling unit.

Why are the cots needed?

With the cot a baby can stay with the parents in the hospital room for the entire time and it slows down the baby’s body from changing too quickly. Baby won't have to go to the morgue initially and no cooling with ice bags (alternative way) is required. Parents will gain important time with their baby without having to juggle ice bags or deal with dampness.

How will we succeed?

Many bereaved families are looking for ways to give back to a hospital, help other families and do something positive in the memory of their child. We believe that we will be able to work with families who have experienced the death of a child to make this campaign successful.


Help us give the gift of time by either supporting the campaign (donations will be allocated to greatest need) or by picking a specific active fundraiser.

Active Fundraisers

British Columbia
Organizer: Dave & Shea – in honor of Aubrey
Please donate via the Go Fund Me page.
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance - Chatham, ON
Organizer: Jennifer Foster – in honor of Claire
Please donate via the Go Fund Me page.
Lakeridge Health - Oshawa, ON
Organizer: Maureen – in honor of Milo
Please donate via the Hospital Foundation page.
Ottawa Hospital - Ottawa, ON
Organizer: Bonnie Blimkie Wetmore – in honor of Skye
Please donate via the Go Fund Me page.

Completed Fundraisers

Victoria General Hospital - Victoria, BC
Organized by: Charlene Chambers, in memory of Faith Tien, Empty Arms, Healing Hearts
Canuck Place Children's Hospice - Vancouver, BC
Organized by: Karen Gilkyson, in memory of Stella
St. Paul's Hospital - Vancouver, BC
Organized by: Jens & Kerstin Locher – in memory of Marlon and Tobias
Abbotsford Regional Hospital - Abbotsford, BC
Organized by: Annet Janssen, in memory of Reyanna Francina
Royal Columbian Hospital - New Westminster, BC
Organized by: Annet Janssen, in memory of Reyanna Francina
Mills Memorial Hospital - Terrace, BC
Organized by: Cherie Mercer
BC Women's Hospital - Vancouver, BC
Organized by: Nicole Hing – in memory of Sunshine Smyth
Langley Memorial Hospital - Langley, BC
Organized by: Annet Janssen, in memory of Reyanna Francina
Chiliwack General Hospital - Chiliwack, BC
Organized by: Annet Janssen, in memory of Reyanna Francina
Surrey Memorial Hospital - Surrey, BC
Organized by: Annet Janssen, in memory of Reyanna Francina
Kelowna General Hospital - Kelowna, BC
Organized by: Kristin Esmail – in memory of Richard James
Royal Inland Hospital - Kamloops, BC
Organized by: Kristin Esmail – in memory of Richard James
Vernon Jubilee Hospital - Vernon, BC
Organized by: Kristin Esmail – in memory of Richard James
Penticton Regional Hospital - Penticton, BC
Organized by: Kristin Esmail – in memory of Richard James
Dawson Creek Hospital - Dawson Creek, BC
Organized by: Celina & Kaley – in memory of Callie, Liam and Brody
Prince George, BC
Organized by: Erin Bohn – in memory of Ryann
Peace Arch Hospital - White Rock, BC
Organized by: Alison Murray – in memory of Stella
Queen Elizabeth II Hospital - Grande Prairie, AB
Fort McMurray Hospital - Fort McMurray, AB
Organized by: Sheri Raike
Peace River Community Health Centre - Peace River, AB
Peter Lougheed Hospital - Calgary, AB
Rockyview Hospital - Calgary, AB
Stollery Network - Edmonton, AB
Lloydminster Hospital - AB/SK
Organized by: Calee Adams, Melissa
Belleville General Hospital - Belleville, ON
Organized by: Direct Sales Ladies of Quinte
Cambridge Memorial Hospital - Cambridge, ON
Organized by: Christine Keachie – in honor of Evelyn
Cornwall Community Hospital - Cornwall, ON
Organized by: Penny Brown, Remington Pecore and Shannon Dugas
Northumberland Hills Hospital - Cobourg, ON
Organized by: Melissa Chapman – in memory of Avery
Southlake Hospital - Newmarket, ON
Organized by: The Khouri Family in honour of Baby Anna
Sault Area Hospital - Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Pembroke Regional Hospital - Petawawa, ON
Organized by: Susie Edwards – in memory of Caden
Sunnybrook Hospital - Toronto, ON
Organized by: The Khouri Family in honour of Baby Anna
Royal Victoria Hospital - Montreal, QC
Organized by: Annick Robinson, Rosa Caporicci, Stéfany Corey, Désirée McGraw – in honor of Jacob, Luke, Zoë, Catherine
Central Regional Hospital - Grand Falls, NL
Organized by: Kelsey Vincent
Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Charlottetown, PE
Organized by: Tammy MacDonald – in memory of Marcel
Victoria Hospital - Prince Albert, SK
Organized by:
Brittany Nicolas
Stacey Franc
Darlene Slater
Kristina Slater
Nicole Nutter
Taryn Pilon – in memory of Adrianne Amber Pilon
Cypress Regional Hospital - Swift Current, SK
Royal University Hospital - Saskatoon, SK
Organized by: Kristin Esmail, in memory of Noah
Regina General Hospital - Regina, SK
Battlefords Union Hospital - North Battleford, SK
St. Joseph's Hospital - Estevan, SK
Organized by: Rikki Duncombe & Ethan Hayward – in memory of Easton Charles Hayward

Other hospitals that use cooling cots


Every hospital with maternity ward in Canada will be provided with a cooling cot - a crucial piece of equipment used to support parents who experience the loss of their baby. The cooling cot can help them spend precious time with their child.

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Information for Hospitals

Information for Bereaved Parents: Organize a Fundraiser