Feedback received

Bereaved Parents

"This webpage is amazing! I voted and will be sharing it with everyone I know. I really appreciate your hard work." Mother from Victoria, BC

"Your website has really helped me over the last week as I have been reading through it."
Mother from Port Coquitlam

Health Care Professionals

"This website is so wonderful. [...] This is a gift to the community."

"This is a phenomenal site! I have forwarded it to all the Perinatal Social Workers as well."

"Your website is so well done - and so important! It is great how you have the resources, organizations and events listed along with a few videos."
Spiritual Health Practitioner

"The cycle of life includes birth, wellness, illness, disability and death. While pregnancy results in anticipated and happy outcomes for most women and their families, for some the unexpected happens. Unexpected events are rarely caused by women or are preventable. Statistically these events occur in ~ 5% of the childbearing population. Yet there is little place in our society where those who have experienced the trauma of loss can have their voices heard and their experiences validated as a normal part of life. This has been a gap in maternity care that I see October 15 project working toward addressing. I wish you and your team the best and appreciate your project. You have my vote."
Vera Berard RM, Midwifery Care North Shore,

"I am thrilled to see the work you are doing for this cause. Its encouraging to see and provides hope for the future. I will definately inform people of this when I do work on the maternity unit. I will also notify my social work team."
Perinatal Social Worker