This Website

This site has been created by bereaved parents. It was initiated by Jens and Kerstin Locher with support, help and feedback from other bereaved families. I would like to acknowledge the involvement of Florine Lawrance, Ivy Rose Lee and Erin Bohn.

The site was conceptualized as an event directory to showcase the many fantastic initiatives that happen every year to support bereaved families and to remember their babies who died. While many similar resources exist, very few are dedicated to the Canadian context. Our goal is to highlight events and activities across all Canadian provinces and territories and to raise awareness about Pregnancy and Infant Loss by communicating these activities on a national level.

Many parents have reported that they felt isolated after their child died and often they don’t find the energy to search for resources online. Once a search is started, it is surprising how much information is available and how many bereaved parents are active in some form or fashion to raise awareness; either blogging, fundraising for a good cause in memory of their child or organizing events such as an Awareness Walk.

Based on feedback we added some general advice how to support bereaved parents and a short resource listing. However, we do not claim that these tips or lists are exhaustive. They are merely a starting point to find some of the other great resources that exist on the Internet.