Taking Action

Awareness is only the first step to achieve positive change. Only when people are knowledgeable about an issue can they take action about it. If you are ready to take action, here are several suggestions about what you can do:

Be Informed and Educate Others

If you know someone whose baby died, please read some comments from bereaved parents about what helped them most during their grief. You can make a difference for a family by caring about their child. Please view the section Supporting Someone Whose Baby Died and the Resources.

Donate for Support Services

If you wish for parents to have access to important services when tragedy strikes, please consider a donation to services that have helped thousands of parents, such as Now I lay me down to sleep, which takes precious pictures for parents of their children, or our Cooling Cot Campaign.

Share This Page

Please share this page with your friends, family and colleagues so that they can learn about the death of babies and infants as well as how to support bereaved parents.

Request Recognition of October 15

Most provinces in Canada require a proclamation of October 15 as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day each year. Please help us spread the word and get the day recognized across Canada by contacting your local MLA to support such a proclamation.


Illuminate Landmarks

Organizations such as BC Place Stadium, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, show their support of October 15 by illuminating their landmark or building in pink and blue. Help us light up Canada in support of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness and suggest more landmarks or requests lightings..


Organize a Walk to Remember

Remembrance Walks have been a wonderful tradition for many years in various Canadian cities. It provides the opportunity for families and friends to come together to remember their beloved children.

Donate Dresses or Sew Gowns

You can donate your wedding dress or other gowns which volunteer seamstresses will turn into beautiful gowns for babies.



Find a local organization that supports bereaved parents and check if they need volunteers, organize a fundraiser or cook a meal for a family caring for a sick child or parents who recently lost their child..

Donate for Research

To support the prevention by increasing knowledge of specific causes of child death, you can support many organizations such as the International Stillbirth Alliance or Childhood Cancer Society.