London Lightings

The City of London buildings and amenities will be lighted purple on Thursday, October 15, 2015, in support of the Pinwheels for PAIL Awareness Campaign to raise awareness of prenatal and infant loss. This service includes City Hall, the JA Taylor Building at Wellington and Dundas, and the Fountain at the Forks.

October 15

Cabot Tower Lighting

Parks Canada will be lighting up Cabot Tower on Signal Hill in purple on Oct 15 to help raise awareness!

Peace Bridge Lighting

Attendees are invited to gather along the waterfront at the food of Princess Street, Fort Erie for a Pinwheels for PAIL gathering and viewing of the illumination.

CN Tower Lighting

8 pm Lighting of the CN Tower. Pink, blue and purple. Attendees are invited to assemble at the Round House Park with a memorial candle lighting in memory of their pregnancy or infant loss for 7:00 pm to participate in the International Wave of Light.

Niagara Falls Lighting

Both the Canadian and American Fall will be illuminated. 8 pm and 9 pm Lighting each lasting 15 minutes in duration. To be lit pink and purple.

BC Place Lighting

BC Place Stadium will support October 15 in 2015 by illuminating in pink and blue.

Calgary Tower Lighting

The Calgary Tower will light up in the colors of pink and blue to support October 15 – Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.