We invite all bereaved parents, friends and family as well as the general public to contribute to this website. Together we can make this an up to date and helpful resource.

How can you be involved?

  • Suggest a resource or organization that you are aware of that we are not listing yet. We try to keep our focus on Canada.
  • If you are a bereaved parent, please consider to submit a quote to us. You can see the quotes randomly appear on most pages. These quotes are powerful and short statements that leave a lasting impact on site visitors. A quote can be anything that feels important to you regarding the topic, e.g. things you wish people had known or done, how you want to remember your child, what surprised or disappointed you after your child died, why October 15 as a remembrance day might be important to you etc. Quotes can be listed anonymously or with your name attached to it. We can include a link to your website or blog as well.

We are currently looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Graphic designers to help us with website imagery, iconography and social media assets.
  • Social media coordinators for our social channels.
  • Media coordinators to prepare our campaign for October 2015.
  • Cooling Cot Campaign supporters.